Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair Experts

We repair all makes and models of furnaces

BR Plumbing and Gas Fitting LTD provides residential and commercial furnace repair for the city of Edmonton and surrounding areas. All of our repairs include upfront pricing and full clean up when we're finished the installation.


How often should you have your furnace maintained?

We recommend a yearly tune-up to prevent any unwanted interruptions when you need your heating system the most. A proper tune-up can save you money on heating bills as well as lengthen the lifespan of your furnace.

A well maintained heating system can help ensure that you don't have a broken down furnace when you need it the most in the cold winter months.

Signs you made need to repair your furnace.

Unusual Noises

Thermostat Problems

Improper Heating Throughout Your Home

Cycling Issues

Ignition Problems

We exceed our customer expecations every day. BR Plumbing & Gas Fitting is ready and waiting to handle any task you throw at us. Big or small we are prepared to cater to all of your plumbing needs, whatever they may be.

What We Inspect During Furnace Maintenance

  • Inspect the heat exchanger
  • Inspect the burner or burners
  • Inspect the motor amperages
  • Inspect the filter
  • Inspect the all access panels, ensure they are secure
  • Inspect the all electrical connections
  • Inspect the carbon monoxide (CO) in fuel products
  • Inspect the combustion and ventilation air supply
  • Inspect the thermostats
  • Inspect the safety controls
  • Inspect the circulating air blower
  • Inspect the belts and pulleys
  • Inspect the gas piping
  • Inspect the exhaust fans
  • Inspect the venting
  • Inspect the fan control
  • Inspect the manifold pressure
  • Inspect the temperature rise

Furnace Installation, Repair & Cleaning

Furnace Installation

We professionally install various makes and models of Furnaces from all the biggest brands.


We're here to help properly maintain your home's heating system so you can stay warm when you need to.

Furnace & Duct Cleaning

A properly heated home goes hand in hand with a maticulously cleaned furnace and duct system.

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"I will be recommending this company to everyone. A lot of other companies should be following this company's practice of true, great customer service."

-Lynn U


"I've been working with BR Plumbing on quite a few projects. They are fast, friendly and reliable. I would recommend them for any plumbing project."

-Michael Morgan


"Great service. Brett is very pleasant and professional. Did amazing job installing a gas line for my new gas range. As well as levelling and setting up the stove. Would highly recommend Brett."

-Yara M.